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Utilizing GoodSync For Webmaster Website Backup

When you are responsible for your customers' web site and databases you need a flexible backup software. I have my own web hosting provider which I use for some customers’ but others may want or already have a hosting provider that they want to use. You may need a different backup strategy for each hosting provider but I wanted to use one solution for all.  For instance I have a post How To Automatically Backup MySQL Database using Cron Job on Go Daddy Linux Shared Hosting that explains how to use a Cron job to backup a Mysql database on Go Daddy. But the Cron job only backs up the database to the local hosting provider folder so you need a way to also transfer the database backups offsite for disaster recovery.

I evaluated several software applications in no particular order (Second Copy, AJC software, Autobackup, Duplicati, Freefilesync, GFI free, Goodsync, Mirrorfolder, Syncback, Todo backup, Viceversa, Allbackup, BackupAssist). I’m sure I didn’t list all that I evaluated but here is a link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_synchronization_software that I started with. I’m not going to go into each product since I was looking for specific criteria for myself and if the software didn’t meet my criteria I moved on.

I was looking for a backup sync solution that would meet the following criteria:

  1. Inexpensive or free
  2. Sync of my desktop XAMPP folder to my laptop XAMPP folder
    1. I don’t need this anymore since I now have a laptop that has replaced the desktop and supports multiple monitors)
  3. Support multiple file versions (don’t need  Subversion, CVS or Git)
  4. Date and time stamp of local files must be transferred over to destination
  5. Flexible methods for backup but at the least I need ftp, sftp and windows shared folders
  6. Run as a windows service either logged in or logged out of computer
  7. Flexible schedule for backup / sync  minutes, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly
  8. Support Windows Volume Shadow Copy VSS for backing up files I have open during development

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How To Automatically Backup MySQL Database using Cron Job on Go Daddy Linux Shared Hosting

As a web developer and having many websites on different hosting environments I'm responsible for keeping local backups of these sites for my customers. I needed to backup my customers MySQL databases using a schedule. The customer has a Go Daddy shared hosting Linux account and Go Daddy doesn't automatically backup the MySQL database. You can manually back it up but the hosting plan doesn’t provide a convenient way to automate it. But Go Daddy does have Cron Job for scheduling tasks so I thought I’d create a shell script to back up the data.

I'm writing this tutorial because of the frustration I went thorough to get a Cron Job on Go Daddy to backup MySQL database to work. I spent a lot of time searching in the Go Daddy KB forums for instructions for automatically backing up the data but didn't find anything helpful. Searching using Google for articles was more helpful but not really finding all the information in one place. It was by trial and error to get this Cron Job to work but I finally did!

You'll need  to gather some information together first before we can create the shell script for the Cron Job. You will need the MySQL database connection information Host Name, Database Name, User Name and Password for each database you'd like to backup.

Go to the My Products Web Hosting Tab and Launch the Control Center

My Products



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